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CHANGES (English edition)

Berliner Festspiele 2012 – 2021. Formats, Digital Culture, Identity Politics, Immersion, Sustainability

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von Thomas Oberender

This book is an attempt to pass on inspiration. It has emerged from the activities of a cultural institution that comprises all genres of contemporary art. And at the same time, this book is an attempt to transcend these last ten years of activities and to distil from them a few key thoughts and documents that highlight the most significant changes we have undergone during this period. On the one hand, this Changes volume documents conversations with artists and intellectuals that, in the broadest sense, represent milestones marking profound changes in German-language cultural institutions. In addition to documenting these source texts of artistic practice, the second main purpose of the book is to distil from the wealth of themes and …


Digital Culture

  • Digital Culture

    In his book Kultur der Digitalität (published in English under the title: The Digital Condition), Felix Stalder describes how shortly after Conchita Wurst won the Eurovision Song Contest, Facebook increased …

    von Thomas Oberender

  • Anzeige

  • Exorcism

    In the beginning, there was him: HE. Man as the measure of all things, made to rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over …

    von Susanne Kennedy

  • The System of Everything

    In the beginning I was an elephant. My first play-through of David OReilly’s computer game “Everything” started inside the skin of a trunked animal. Shortly after that I slipped into …

    von Stephan Schwingeler

  • The Art of Realtime

    When I started developing video games as an extension of animation, I realised that this new medium works according to a completely different set of rules. Video games are about …

    von David OReilly

Identity Politics